Steliana van de Rijt-Economu – Founder &CEO

Steliana is a Diversity&Inclusion leader and a seasoned leadership (team) coach (ICF PCC ) with 20 years of cross-regional and cross-industries experience with FTSE 500 companies(Shell, Vodafone, Nike).

She wrote her first book ‘Mothers as Leaders’ while traveling the world as a corporate leadership development faculty, nursing a small baby and sharing the joys of a dual-career. She saw her personal situation as a Romanian—Dutch mother working in London, as an unique opportunity to study the impact of cultural expectations on women ‘s leadership ambitions. Due to her book contribution to feminine leadership, Steliana received the 2019 global WIN corporate award. 

In 2020 she founded the Mothers as Leaders community and her coaching consultancy. Her mission is to helps parents, leaders and organizations to unleash the strength of diversity and inclusion for superior innovation and team performance. You can download chapter 9 of Steliana’s Mothers as leaders book –  here: https://mothersasleaders.com/free-chapter/.

Irina Palarie – Transformational Coach

Irina has over 20 years’ experience in HR management, working across industries for major companies such as Citigroup and Danone, within and outside Romania. With more than 200 coaching hours conducted just in the past two years, Irina has an active career as an executive transformational coach using her skills to support both businesses and individuals’ success. In 2019 she shifted her career focus from people’s growth within organizations to people reaching their life’s potential by starting a Psychology bachelor’s degree alongside her HR consulting and coaching practice. In her personal life, she enjoys juggling with a
complexity of roles: happy mother of 2, wife, daughter, sister, godmother, pets’ owner, friend etc., feeling forever grateful and blessed.