Steliana van de Rijt-Economu is an executive leadership coach with twenty years of cross-cultural working experience in multinationals in the energy, communications, sports and NGO sectors.

Her approach to coaching women transitioning into leadership roles

‘In my experience, most women have the answers within themselves to develop and grow, but they sometimes need help to make the transitions required for a leadership role. I enable them to see the broader picture in the system they operate in and, through listening and questioning, I help them build their self-belief to step up and become highly effective leaders leveraging their emotional intelligence, skills, intuition and their sense of life perspective.’

Client Quote: “After our first session, whenever I felt stuck, I kept using the question you asked: ‘turn it around’ and found this very helpful for moving myself on and changing my perspective. After the second one I felt like I had a real plan for the next few months and a real awareness of both my objectives, and also how to cope with the negative thoughts and fears I will doubtless have when I earn less. I also found it useful to recognise that it’s within my power to change things on my own, whether small or large.”

Her systemic approach when coaching to improve team effectiveness

When coaching teams, she brings them together to develop a collective awareness of their strengths and blind spots in the context of the system they operate in.  She helps them move forward with an increased sense of purpose on how to best operate as a team.

Education and Professional Qualifications

  • Team Diagnostic Survey (TDS), R. Wagemaan certification, 2018
  • Academy of Executive Coaching London Master in Systemic Team Coaching diploma (2019)
  • I-Coach academy London: Qualified Coaching Practitioner accredited by European Mentoring Coaching Council (EMCC) in 2011
  • Kantor Institute: Structural team dynamics practitioner (2016)
  • Ken Blanchard companies:  Situational leadership and PERFORM team effectiveness tool accreditation (2016)
  • OPP Ltd: Myers Briggs Step I, certified (2011)
  • MSc in Project Management in Business , Ovidius University, 2003
  • Accenture: LEAN Practitioner accreditation(2015).