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Written with honesty and humour, Mothers as Leaders presents captivating real-life stories of twenty powerful, inspiring women from across the world. Despite the many hardships life threw at them. they emerged as true leaders, transforming the lives of those around them.

‘A must read for all mothers who already are leaders and the ones who didn’t discover that yet’ (Manbir Kaur, author and executive coach)

This book gives a new lens to leadership and makes motherhood not just about having kids but about a leadership style which is wholistic, long term and caring.’ (Kristin Engvig, CEO of WIN&WIN Conference)

‘A thought-provoking book, it will forever change your view on motherhood, parenting and leadership.’  (Graham Sparks, Director at IAD Consulting, former Chief of Diversity &Inclusion at Shell).

You can order your paper copy now on Amazon.

If you are based in The Netherlands, you can place your order via the Contact form, by specifying your address, number of copies and mobile number for a Tickkie payment of 15 EUR plus local postal costs (3.48 EUR standard).

If you want to get a sense about  #Daretodream message for happy mothers and the  book, check out my  Podcast interview with #hereinholland online radio for expats.



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