Dare to Dream and Make it happen

We all have dreams. When we are kids, our dreams are big and expansive but as we grow-up we forget about them. The day-to-day survival and routine sinks in and eventually kills our dreams. We start judging ourselves or the others for it, we slowly become unhappy. Even worse, we become a mirror for the ones around us, even for our kids. Don’t let this happen to you. ‘Dare to dream and Make it happen’ is a way of life. Steliana Economu  will share  how she moved from a corporate hyper-achiever to fully enjoying work, family and life. Her dream was to help mothers from across the world reframe parenthood as leadership and she made it happen by interviewing mothers from across the globe and by writing their story. In this workshop she teaches the art and mindset of Positive Intelligence and  shares the insights from her internationally  awarded book Mothers as Leaders

Not only did I get to read this wonderful book, but I also was lucky enough to join one of Steliana’s sessions on Dare to Dream. As an aspiring leader, this book gave me the perspective that leadership is something that must embraced as it comes. There is not one story that is the same in her book, yet all the mothers are a great example of leadership. Knowing that I have my own path to carve and that I need to ready to receive the gifts in life from marriage, to children to a wonderful workplace makes me feel grateful..” Carolina Diaz-Vargas, Shell US, Houston

‘I did the PQ program with Steliana and am really grateful to her for making it simple and effective. She is a very good listener and helped us process our own thoughts and reactions very well. 
I really enjoyed our interactions, her tips to apply the program in our busy corporate schedules was the key. The program opens up a new aspect of our mind body responses to stress and helped me identify some critical patterns that I think I have been able to break out of since then

Meela Khanna, Program Manager at M.I.O Partners,  NYC,  US

“ I was greatly moved by your ‘Dare to Dream’ talk at IBM Tokyo. Thank you so much for your heartfelt frankness.”

Rya Rapp, Head of Talent at The Carter Group, Japan

You will learn the 5 behaviours that are critical for making your dreams happen despite obstacles  and you will find out what PQ( positive intelligence) is and what is its link with IQ and EQ(emotional intelligence).
By the end of this session you will:
– Learn how to move from dream frustration to dream action
– Find out your PQ (positive intelligence score) and personal saboteurs
– Learn how to build the 3 mental muscles you need to rewire negative emotions into a positive sage outlook.