Our Approach 

Drawing on the wisdom of mothers from all over the world, we identified five behaviours that make the difference between women who just have dreams and those who realise them, despite obstacles.

Know Yourself

Your strengths, biases and vulnerabilties


Allow your enthusiasm and care to grow


Give and receive support in your journey


Be curious, connect



Tailored To You

Our workshops and speaking engagements can be tailored to big audiences of 100+ people such as employee networks or conferences but also to small size groups  and of parents  communities within international schools.

Our tailored one to one coaching will help you unlock your inner potential so that you can progress both in your career and in your life. We believe that most women have the answers within themselves to develop and grow, but they still need support, coaching and sponsorship to make the transitions required for the next step into a leadership role.

Throughout the duration of a coaching trajectory of 3-6 sessions you can expect a tailored program in which you will uncover your strengths , your personality type (MBTI) and its associated vulnerabilities.  You will also address your challenges root causes by  working on the limiting assumptions that hold you back. Moving beyond self- discovery, you will be using the insights gained to initiate sustainable behavioural changes through experimentation and targeted actions. Your executive coach will be  more than an empathetic listening ear, it is someone who has the experience to both challenge and support you until you find a way forward.

Our Positive Intelligence and Mental fitness digital learning and group coaching is based on the breakthrough research of Stanford lecturer Shirzad Chamine. Both Steliana and Irina are among the first coaches in the world to be trained in this new methodology.  Combining weekly video sessions and an exclusive App, Shirzad Chamine guides you step-by-step over a six-week period to boost the 3 core muscles of mental fitness. Research on over 500,000 participants has proven that by boosting your PQ( Positive Intelligence muscle) you  can achieve breakthrough results in performance, happiness and relationships. Find out more about the 6-weeks global program here. We are offering the program in a small group of 5 complimented by the skillful group facilitation and training.