How to welcome it all: career, family, life

This workshop will give you a new lens to leadership and will transform your view on motherhood.  Steliana  will share her story as a mother, writer and leader and you will discover her key insights from interviewing  mothers and leaders  from across the world for her internationally  awarded book. You will finally take time for yourself and benefit from a  guided reflection and coaching on the personal choices you want to make to welcome it all: career, family and life.    If we captured your interest, register to express your interest and RSVP.

The key questions addressed:
● How do mothers develop critical leadership skills?
● How to deal with mother’s guilt and manage your parent role stakeholders?
● What are the 3 key ingredients for progressing your career while having kids?
“Not only did I get to read this wonderful book, but I also was lucky enough to join one of Steliana’s sessions on Dare to Dream. As an aspiring leader, this book gave me the perspective that leadership is something that must embraced as it comes. There is not one story that is the same in her book, yet all the mothers are a great example of leadership. Knowing that I have my own path to carve and that I need to ready to receive the gifts in life from marriage, to children to a wonderful workplace makes me feel grateful..”

Carolina Diaz-Vargas, Shell US, Houston

Thank you for setting up the stage and bringing us together for the mothers as leaders webinar zoomcall. It was empowering and useful and I am looking forward to the next one. During these days (COVID19) when we are all locked in a limited place, it’s important to find that joy of being together.”

Ioana Prica, Pricing Analyst C.H. Robinson, The Netherlands

“ I was greatly moved by your talk at IBM Tokyo. Thank you so much for your heartfelt frankness.”

Rya Rapp, Head of Talent at The Carter Group, Japan

You will learn the 5 behaviours that are critical for keeping you on course to achieving your dreams despite obstacles  and you will practice how to leverage in your job  the emotional intelligence and perspective that comes with parenting.