We accelerate women’s  career development by unlocking the power of parenthood. We support organisations develop an inclusive environment for everyone.


 Tailored, flexible and affordable coaching and development for mothers and leaders

 Give your career a boost 


  • In the early stages of your career, your work was enough to speak for your merits, so you worked harder. You are now at an executive level and hard work is not enough anymore, you need to consider who you are as a person and the leader you want to be.’ 
  • The executive coaching sessions with Steliana. will help you understand the defining moments that lead to your success as far and  will unlock the parts of your identity that will get you further. In the past 3 years only she delivered 500 coaching hours with more than 30 leaders across geographies and cultures.

Thrive at home and at work 


  • ‘You like your job and you love your kids but as you are trying to manage the expectations of everyone you forget about yourself. The constant inner chatter is making you tired.’
  • If you recognize this statement, you will benefit from our flexible vitality and career coaching focused on awakening the resilience you need to deal with the competing expectations in your life and career .
  • To achieve result 3 one-to-one sessions are recommended as a start followed by a  6-weeks digital Positive Intelligence (PQ) group coaching delivered by Steliana or Irina, both certified as Positive Intelligence Practioners and Coaches. Program fee depends on the group size (5 – 15) Find out your inner saboteurs by completing the Free survey  here.

Confidently back in the workplace 


  • You spent your twenties building a career in your professional field .  You really wanted to spend more time with the kids and you felt you need it a break. Now you are 6-10 years down the line, the kids have grown. You want to go back into the workplace but you feel overwhelmed.’
  • If the above sounds familiar, you will benefit from our high-end coaching and career development program
  • 3 individual sessions plus participation in a 3-months Career Boot-Camp. For sustained results participants are encouraged to follow-up with  our digital Positive intelligence program. 

Mothers Learning across borders LinkedIn group

Join our truly  cross disciplinary LinkedIn group for exclusive opportunities for networking, peer mentoring and inspiration from mothers leaders from across the world.  The monthly virtual learning sessions keep the community engaged and empowered.  Request membership via Linked in and you will join a select group of business leaders from US, The Netherlands, Japan, Romania, UK, Nigeria, Oman, etc.                  

Mothers as leaders Webinars  – 60 to 90 min

 Our 60-90 minute virtual workshop/ webinars provide short instant snippets of inspiration and personal motivation. We share the overview of our research on specific topics, such  as Families & teams or Empowerment,  outlining how the skills parenthood develops are essential for success in today’s workplace and vice-versa. 

“Steliana managed to make an excellent balance between learning about ourselves while connecting with a different world and have each day fun and adventure. This enriched my inner world and made me feel going back to experience more. I enjoyed mostly the way Steliana organized the overall agenda , by having a well thought structure, while at the same time flexibility to adapt each day by sensing everybody’s feelings.”

Gilles, Innovation Manager at Shell, The Netherlands

Thank you for setting up the stage and bringing us together for the mothers as leaders webinar zoomcall. It was empowering and useful and I am looking forward to the next one. During these days (COVID19) when we are all locked in a limited place, it’s important to find that joy of being together.”

Ioana Prica, Pricing Analyst C.H. Robinson, The Netherlands

“ I was greatly moved by your talk at IBM Tokyo. Thank you so much for your heartfelt frankness.”

Rya Rapp, Head of Talent at The Carter Group, Japan

Previous client organizations


In-House M.A.L. Signature workshop

It can range in length from 2 to 8 hours, and can elaborate on the skills developed while parenting. With a combination of data-sharing and group coaching through a leader lab method, this in-depth development intervention will help improve the employees individual lives, the team morale and your organisation mood. It is designed to respond to the following questions:

  • How parenthood impacts you as individual and how to unlock its benefits
  • How at work parenthood impacts everyone and how to increase trust
  • How managers can more effectively support their parent employees.
  • How parents can recognise and advocate for what they need to thrive.

Mothers as leaders. Dare to Dream workshop

This is an interactive workshop which combines accelerated learning techniques such as music and other interactivity tools to bring energy, perspective and inner self-reflection space for allowing your dreams to blossom. You will come out inspired and with an improved self-confidence about what you can achieve as a person, parent and  leader. You will gain insights about how you can better leverage the emotional intelligence and leadership skills gained through parenting. Register for Upcoming events


Inclusive Leadership 

Inclusive leaders provide a sense of belonging to all people.  The 90 Minutes Masterclasses can be delivered virtually or face-to-face and can be tailored to the specific needs of your company. The target audience can be natural teams, the top management team or a subsection of employee groups. For the past 5 years, we have been  delivering virtual interactive masterclasses to global business teams of technical professionals leading to significant improvements in their engagement. Subjects included: Inclusive Leadership, Unconscious bias, Cultural thinking and Gender Cultures.

Organisational Consulting

Companies with workplace diversity and equality can gain a wider range of ideas and perspectives necessary in meeting the needs of customers more effectively. Our consulting projects can last between 3 to 6 months and include diagnostic interviews, surveys, f2f or virtual learning events and on-going coaching for the leaders and their teams. We work with experienced practioners with more than twenty years’ experience.

Systemic Team Coaching

This is an in-depth intervention to enable your team to effectively connect with your stakeholders and to develop a collective shared leadership. It will help your team to align on a common purpose and to collaborate better.  Steliana coaches the whole team both together and apart through team development sessions, individual and group coaching  using high-end diagnostic surveys(i.e. 360 Team Stakeholders survey, TDS team diagnostic, MBTI Step 1, Structural dynamics in dialogue) and employee interviews.  

She is a certified sr.practioner in Systemic Team Coaching. Find out more here.

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