We accelerate women’s  career development by unlocking the power of parenthood and help organizations develop an inclusive environment.




Open registration webinars 

Our 90-minute virtual interactive  session provide instant snippets of inspiration for leaders, working parents and aspiring women leaders. Steliana shares the choices she had to make in her past 20-year corporate career and her 3-secret ingredients. You will learn how to deal with mother guilt and how  to forge a career without sacrificing your family. You will come out equipped with clarity about key stakeholders as a mother and how to manage expectations.  

 Boost your career 


  • The executive one-on-one coaching sessions with Steliana. will help you understand the defining moments that lead to your success as far and  will unlock the parts of your identity that will get you further
  • It’s time to stop making excuses for the dissatisfaction you feel about your job, the answers lie within you, coaching will help you unlock them.  You can start with finding your inner saboteurs and getting in touch for a call. Free assessment developed by Stanford lecturer Schirzad Chamine:  here.

Thrive at home and at work 


  • ‘You like your job and you love your kids but as you are trying to manage the expectations of everyone you forget about yourself. The constant inner chatter is making you tired. ‘ 
  • Awaken the resilience and the mental fitness you need to deal with the competing expectations in your life and career.
  • Two one-to-one coaching sessions supplemented by a  6-weeks digital Positive Intelligence (PQ) group coaching including weekly videos, peer work and daily mental fitness practice (PQ reps) via a high-end app. 
  • The program fee ranges between 980 – 1200 EUR. 

Positive Intelligence & Mental fitness 

Our 6- weeks digital group coaching program will

  • Measure you Positive Intelligence® Score (PQ) and it will increase it
  • Identify which of the ten “Saboteurs” are your hidden internal enemies: Judge, Controller, Victim, Stickler, Avoider, Pleaser, Restless, Hyper- Achiever, Hyper-Vigilant, or Hyper-Rational.
  • Conquer your Saboteur and strengthen its counterpart.
  • Develop new brain “muscles,” even while doing daily routines.
  • Access 5 greatly untapped mental powers with fun “power games.”

The program entails:
– Full access to Shirzad Chamine learning platform for 6 weeks, including the weekly video courses area, the
digital app Positive Intelligence for your 15 min daily practice, the global PQ Community and their high-end
technical support center
– 6 Learning & Coaching Sessions conducted by Steliana for the group  of maximum 5 Members of the ‘learning
POD’. You received the names already. The sessions will be live via Zoom
– Participation in a peer learning support group (POD) where you can share, reflect and test your ideas.
– The program fee ranges between 700 – 950 EUR.