We accelerate women’s  leadership development by unlocking the power of parenthood and help organizations develop an inclusive environment for everyone.




Mothers as Leaders webinars 

You will learn how to deal with mother’s guilt and how  to forge a career without sacrifices and compromises. The 90-minute sessions provides inspiration for leaders, parents and aspiring women leaders. Steliana shares the choices she had to make in her past 20-year career, her missteps, as well as the insights from the mothers (leaders)  from across the world she had the honour to interview for her book. You will come out energized and with more clarity about your key stakeholders both at work and at home and with some new tips on how to manage their expectations.  

 Boost your career 


  • The executive one-on-one coaching sessions with Steliana. will help you understand what lead to your success as far and  will unlock the parts of your identity that will get you further.
  • The answers on how to have the life and career you love lie within you, the executive coaching will help you unlock them.  You can start by getting in touch for a first free introduction to coaching and to who we are call.

Thrive with Positive Intelligence

The most impactful program for developing mental fitness. Thrive is a  6-weeks digital Positive Intelligence (PQ) group coaching including weekly videos, peer work and daily practice (PQ reps) via a high-end app and two powerful individual sessions. It will awaken the resilience and the self-awareness you need to deal with the competing expectations in your life and career.

The training was easy to combine with my fulltime job and as mother of two small kids. It gave me insight in how to increase my positive mindset in all kind of situations and due to the PQ app numerous of easy to use tools to activate this mindset. Steliana is a good listener and asks the right questions in a very pleasant way. This way I felt comfortable to have open and honest conversations with her on my practice. This has been very helpful. It was a true positive experience.I recommend Steliana as professional career coach and as trainer of the Thrive -Positive Intelligence 6 weeks program. 


Mascha Bekker, Manager at ING, The Netherlands

 ‘The program helped me grow professionally as well as helping me with matters in my personal life. I really liked the weekly conversations  under the trusted guidance of Steliana. Steliana is a star in asking the right questions and leading the way by giving examples from her own journey. It felt very safe opening up to her and the group. It was definitely a training I would recommend and I will continue using the tools it gave me. I learned how to recognize my saboteurs and how to turn them around in something positive. Instead of seeing them as something I had to hide from, I gained strength from them.

Alice Sonne, Jurist at Cityhall Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“ Ever since I started the coaching and training, I feel strangely more like myself: more aware of myself, my feelings, who I am and who I want to be’

Stefania Sitaru, Student and PR at ASLR, Bucharest University

‘I was happy and grateful to participate in the Positive Intelligence & Mental Fitness Coaching program Steliana offered. Both the group coaching sessions as well as the one on one sessions were excellent. Steliana is a great listener and she makes small, but very useful suggestions to make improvements in your daily habits or communication with others. The program and the app that comes with it provides you with insights and simple tools to use in the future when you feel stressed, overwhelmed or insecure. Practice through the app is easy and very intuitive. There are some great exercises and I liked the coaching sessions a lot. To discuss with and learn from an excellent coach and the other great participants was very worthwhile. I recommend both the program as well as coaching by Steliana.’

Inge Braspening, HSSE Lead new Business Development in IG and New Energies, Shell, The Netherlands