2020 Events


  • 29th of January – Book launch event, The Hague
  • 2nd of April –  ‘Families as Teams’ virtual sessions
  • 13th of May –  M.A.L. Dare to dream webinar for the US Shell Wave network (45 pax)
  • 14th of May – ‘The power of language’ virtual talk  
  • 23rd of June – M.A.L.  Dare to dream webinar for the Shell WE network NL (84)
  • 30rd of June  M.A.L. Making it Happen session for NAM
  • 7th of July –     Virtual Leader Lab  Coaching for NAM
  • 1st of August – Mothers as Leaders webinar, Bucharest
  • 25th of August – Diversity & Inclusion session,  Bucharest 

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