We accelerate women’s  career development by unlocking the power of parenthood. We support organisations develop an inclusive environment for everyone.


Mothers as leaders Webinars  – 60 to 90 min

 Our 60-90 minute virtual workshop/ webinars provide short instant snippets of inspiration and  motivation. Under the  Dare to Dream you will find out how you can have it all: career, family and life. You will hear how  Mothers as Leaders was born and you will map out your personal,   mother role, clarifying your expectations from them. You will develop your clarity, choice and courage about your mother leader role. Sign up to to one of our upcoming webinars.

 Boosting your career


  • The executive coaching sessions with Steliana. will help you understand the defining moments that lead to your success as far and  will unlock the parts of your identity that will get you further. 
  • She uses scientifically proven methods such as: Positive Intelligence(PQ), MBTI and Blanchard. 
  • In the past 3 years she delivered more than 500 coaching hours, helping leaders, women and men, to reconnect with their purpose and their career.
  • It’s time to stop making excuses for the dissatisfaction you feel about your current job level and your salary, the answers lie within you.  You can start by finding out what are  your inner saboteurs. Take the free saboteurs assessment here.

Thrive at home and at work 


  • ‘You like your job and you love your kids but as you are trying to manage the expectations of everyone you forget about yourself. The constant inner chatter is making you tired. ‘ 
  • Awaken the resilience and the mental fitness you need to deal with the competing expectations in your life and career.
  • Two one-to-one coaching sessions supplemented by a  6-weeks digital Positive Intelligence (PQ) group coaching including weekly videos, peer work and daily mental fitness practice (PQ reps) via a high-end app. 
  • The program fee ranges between 980 – 1200 EUR. 

Positive Intelligence & Mental fitness 

 Our 6- weeks digital group coaching program leverages Shirzad Chamine research on PQ  and Steliana’s understanding of Mothers as Leaders. It will 

  • Measure you Positive Intelligence® Score (PQ) and it will increase it 
  • Identify which of the ten “Saboteurs” are your hidden internal enemies: Judge, Controller, Victim, Stickler, Avoider, Pleaser, Restless, Hyper- Achiever, Hyper-Vigilant, or Hyper-Rational.
  • Conquer your Saboteur and strengthen its counterpart.
  • Develop new brain “muscles,” even while doing daily routines.
  • Access 5 greatly untapped mental powers with fun “power games.”


In-House M.A.L. Signature workshop

It can range in length from 2 to 8 hours, and can elaborate on the skills developed while parenting. With a combination of data-sharing and group coaching through a leader lab method, this in-depth development intervention will help improve the employees individual lives, the team morale and your organisation mood. It is designed to respond to the following questions:

  • How parenthood impacts you as individual and how to unlock its benefits
  • How at work parenthood impacts everyone and how to increase trust
  • How managers can more effectively support their parent employees.
  • How parents can recognise and advocate for what they need to thrive.

Mothers as leaders. Dare to Dream workshop

This is an interactive workshop which combines accelerated learning techniques such as music and other interactivity tools to bring energy, perspective and inner self-reflection space for allowing your dreams to blossom. You will come out inspired and with an improved self-confidence about what you can achieve as a person, parent and  leader. You will gain insights about how you can better leverage the emotional intelligence and leadership skills gained through parenting.


Inclusive Leadership 

Inclusive leaders provide a sense of belonging to all people.  The 90 Minutes Masterclasses can be delivered virtually or face-to-face and can be tailored to the specific needs of your company. The target audience can be natural teams, the top management team or a subsection of employee groups. For the past 5 years, we have been  delivering virtual interactive masterclasses to global business teams of technical professionals leading to significant improvements in their engagement. Subjects included: Inclusive Leadership, Unconscious bias, Cultural thinking and Gender Cultures.

Organisational Consulting

Companies with workplace diversity and equality can gain a wider range of ideas and perspectives necessary in meeting the needs of customers more effectively. Our consulting projects can last between 3 to 6 months and include diagnostic interviews, surveys, f2f or virtual learning events and on-going coaching for the leaders and their teams. We work with experienced practioners with more than twenty years’ experience.

Systemic Team Coaching

This is an in-depth intervention to enable your team to effectively connect with your stakeholders and to develop a collective shared leadership. It will help your team to align on a common purpose and to collaborate better.  Steliana coaches the whole team both together and apart through team development sessions, individual and group coaching  using high-end diagnostic surveys(i.e. 360 Team Stakeholders survey, TDS team diagnostic, MBTI Step 1, etc) and employee interviews.  She is a certifified sr.practioner in Systemic Team Coaching.

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