We work with companies, communities and parents to develop the caring and responsible leadership our world needs right now.


We can help you with tailored, flexible and affordable coaching and personal development packages delivered both virtually and face-to-face. Below are just some examples of packages we put together to address your needs

Give your career a boost – Executive coaching


  • In the early stages of your career, your work was enough to speak for your merits, so you worked harder. That’s what got you promoted. Starting with mid-management, things started to change and the world demanded more. Suddenly your career path  becomes obscure. While others around you seem to be making progress you feel as if you are left behind. It really hits hard when others get chosen over you. You start wondering if there is something you can do about it’.
  • If the description above sounds familiar, you will benefit from starting  this cutting-edge executive program that will help you understand the  defining moments that lead to your success as far and  will help you unlock the parts of your identity that will get you further, including the experience of being a mother.
  • Schedule a free 20 min. GTKY call in Steliana’s calendar to share your needs and situations. You can choose one of our accredited executive coaches that best suit your situation. 

Blossom at home and at work – Vitality coaching


  • ‘You like your job and you love your kids but as you are trying to manage the expectations and duties you feel you need to fulfil you forget about yourself and you forget to replenish the energy you need to blossom with enthusiasm and positivity. If you have great days at work and you get recognised for your hard work, you come home and you notice that you have been missed . When you have great time with your family and ignore that one deadline you go to work feeling unprepared. The constant inner chatter is making you tired and you start wondering if there is something you can do about it’.
  •  If the description above sounds familiar, you should certainly consider our flexible and affordable vitality coaching program focused on awakening the enthusiasm and the resilience you need to deal with clarity and honesty with the competing expectations in your life . This affordable program includes 3 one to one sessions with Steliana, personal development assignments and resilience training. The full package is priced at: 520 EUR per person excl.VAT.

Confidently back in the workplace – Transformational coaching


  • You spent your twenties building a career in your professional field . You had the jet-setter career and the financial security that came with it, but as time passed you felt dissatisfied with the sacrifices you had to make in your private life.  You really wanted to spend more time with the kids. You gave so many years to your career, you felt you need it a break and when the opportunity came you took it. Now you are 10 years down the line, the kids have grown into teenagers and you don’t feel satisfied anymore with just being the hands on mum. You start wondering how you can back into the workplace but you feel overwhelmed about the changes you would need to make.’
  • If the description above sounds familiar, you will benefit from our online coaching and career development program including 3 individual coaching sessions plus participation in a Career Boot camp and on-going support through our  reverse mentoring from mums currently in the workplace in your desired profession. The full package is priced at: 845 EUR per person excl.VAT.

Mothers as Leaders workshops offered both virtually and face-to- face

Face to Face Workshops

Interactive sessions or masterclasses with open Registration.

90-120  min.



In-house workshops

Sessions within your company. 30% discount for group orders of the  Mothers as Leaders book

90-120 min.



 Open registration/ in-house.

60-90  min.


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Inclusive Leadership Masterclasses

Inclusive leaders provide a sense of belonging to all people. Belonging is important because it brings up engagement and productivity which are so key to thrive in today’s volatile marketplace.

The 90 Minutes Masterclasses can be delivered In-house. Topics include: Inclusive Leadership, Unconscious bias, Cultural thinking and Gender balance.

D&I Consulting

Companies with workplace diversity and equality can gain a wider range of ideas and perspectives necessary in meeting the needs of customers more effectively.

  • A D&I consulting project can last between 3 to 6 months and it includes Scoping, Inquiry, Discovery, Execution and Review of the impact on organizational health. A typical intervention includes interviews, surveys, f2f or virtual learning events and on-going coaching for the leaders and teams.
  • We work with experienced D& I practioners with more than twenty years’ experience

The Leadership Systemic Team Coaching

This is an in-depth systemic coaching over a contracted period of  6-10 months to enable the team to effectively connect with all their stakeholders, including their customers and to develop their collective shared leadership. It helps the team to align on a common purpose, collaborate better and learn together.  It involves coaching the whole team both together and apart through team development sessions, individual and group coaching  using high-end diagnostic surveys(i.e. 360 Team Stakeholders survey, TDS team diagnostic, MBTI Step 1, Structural dynamics in dialogue) and employee interviews.  



Mothers – Learning across borders LinkedIn group


A supportive online group created by mothers for mothers during the self-isolation time caused by the global spread of the Corona virus.

Regular virtual learning calls keep the community engaged and empowered.

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