Every time we get news about our achievements in our inbox, we get complimented, or we get a big hug from our kids or our partner, our entire body just wants to do a little happy dance and our voice wants to share the good news. Allow it.

Success doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Your  achievements,  even the small ones are everyone’s win, they’re proof for others that when you do the work with intent, you get results. Sharing your wins creates a positive ripple effect in the lives of far more people than you might think! We know it can feel hard to celebrate yourself, but you never know how your story will impact the life of someone reading it.

Whether you gained a greater awareness of who you are,  you found out what you really want to change about your life,  managed others expectations better, procrastinated less and you managed to say ‘no’ more  — we want to hear your wins BIG and small! Fill out this short form below with as much detail as possible and then go pop a bottle, open a bottle or wine (or pour yourself a hot bath if that’s more your style). You deserve it.

Celebrating you always, Steliana and team Mothers as Leaders

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