Steliana van de Rijt-Economu

Steliana brings twenty years of experience as Sr. Organization Development advisor, HRM and Leadership Development manager while working for Shell, Vodafone, Nike and Kraft Foods.

She has been a certified coach since 2011, focusing initially on coaching high potentials and later specializing on the much-needed niche of mothers in executive roles. Her contribution to feminine leadership through her Mothers as Leaders book was recognized internationally through the 2019 Global WIN Award.

Area Of Expertise

  • Developing leaders and executive coaching
  • Systemic team coaching
  • Unlocking the power of parenting for personal development
  • Behavioural change through experimentation
“After our first session, whenever I felt stuck, I kept using the question you asked: ‘turn it around’ and found this very helpful for moving myself on and changing my perspective.”

Louise, Editor, London publisher

Coaching Style

Steliana has an empathetic but at the same time energetic style to her coaching, focusing on clarifying the client’s goals and uncovering the assumptions that stop progress. She is a good listener but at the same time brings structure and flow to the dialogue. She helps clients to develop a tailor-made programme which helps them uncover their strengths, vulnerabilities, needs and challenges through reflection, feedback and practice. Her unique strength is the intuition to uncover the root causes by asking questions and creating the environment to turn limiting assumptions into positive ones. One of her clients told her that she seems to ‘read his mind’ and ask exactly the question he need it.

When coaching women and mothers in managerial roles she enables them to see the broader picture in the system of expectations they operate in and helps them build the confidence to leverage their emotional intelligence, intuition and sense of life perspective that comes with motherhood.


Senior executives and VPs at FTSE 100 companies, General Managers,  women/mums living in Europe, Asia, US.

Languages: English, Dutch and Romanian.


  • Team Diagnostic Survey (TDS), R. Wagemaan certification, 2018
  • Academy of Executive Coaching London: Systemic Team Coaching Master degree diploma (2017 – 2019)
  • I-Coach academy: Coaching Practitioner certified by European Mentoring Coaching Council (2011)
  • Kantor Institute: Structural Dynamics practitioner accreditation (2016)
  • Ken Blanchard companies: Situational leadership accreditation (2016)
  • MBTI Step I certified (2011)

Irina Palarie

Irina has over 20 years’ experience as HR business partner and country HR Manager working across industries for major companies such as Citigroup and Danone. With more than 200 coaching hours conducted just in the last two years, Irina has an active career as an executive transformational coach using her skills to support both businesses and individuals’ success.  A life-long learner, she likes to keep learning and stretching herself in new fields.  In 2019 she shifted her career focus from people’s growth in companies to people’s emotions and behaviours by starting a four-year Psychology degree alongside her consulting and coaching practice. She continuously enjoys juggling with the complexity of roles in her personal life: happy mother of 2, wife, daughter, sister, godmother, pets’ owner, friend etc. feeling grateful for each day passing-by.

Area Of Expertise

    • Transformational coaching
    • Career Coaching
    • HR Business Consultancy
    • Team Development

“For me, Irina was not just a coach, she was THE coach for that period in my life when I was wondering through life. I found in Irina a professional, warm supporter and attentive listener. She guided me with care and attention to find my own answers and to reach the results I wanted. .”

Sabina, HR Director, Sibiu, Romania 

Coaching Style

Her passion lies within strengthening our relationships using kindness, building presence and taking courageous actions to reach our potential. She strongly believes that each individual is unique, with a unique path and context he/ she is living in. She has an empathetic approach, creating space for the client to express one self, to develop and grow at one’s pace. She prefers to be an along-side companion, using her skills to accompany you on your own path, because what works for one does not work for all. Each one of us has everything one needs inside the self, so she sees her coach role as to challenge, stretch, bring out in the awareness zone those resources. The tools she masters are specifically used in this direction, with a high level of compassion, confidentiality and focus on the client’s own objectives.


Managers/ Executives, Women/ Mums living usually in Europe.

Languages: English and Romanian.


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