There are 2 billion mothers in the world and still, we live in a society where politicians and movie stars grab the headlines. Little attention is paid to those who truly shape our future  and the next generation, mothers.

We are here to inspire mothers and women to dream more, to learn more and to do more by stepping into leadership and to help organizations become more inclusive for the leadership role parents can play. We  believe that positive change can  only happen when we address the entire system and not only women. Therefore we support both women by building confidence in their leadership skills and organizations by helping them to create an inclusive environment. 


The  seed for the ‘Mothers as Leaders’ book and this community organizationwas planted in 2012. Our founder, Steliana  just had a new baby and she was surprised to discover how everyone around her treated motherhood as a problem to solve with baby routines, rather than what it really is – a baptism in leadership. At the time she was facilitating leadership programs and she was coaching managers. It wasn’t long before she noticed the parallel between leadership and parenthood. She kept a journal with her own reflections and went on a personal journey to meet mothers from different cultures, professions and age groups with the aim of finding out how they perceive motherhood, leadership and ambition.

Upon having her book published, she founded Mothers as Leaders to inspire (future) mothers to dream more, to learn more and to do more for the world of their children by stepping into leadership.

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