We are helping women enjoy both career success as well as motherhood joy.

We are  helping women enjoy both career success as well as motherhood joy.

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Mothers and Leaders

We accelerate womens career & leadership development by reframing their mindset around parenthood and showing its positive impact.

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We help them develop an inclusive environment that nurtures the best talent by leveraging the opportunity that parenthood brings for leadership development.

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A powerful global network of 270 women leaders. Its purpose is to bring inspiration across borders and across generations. In this  private LinkedIn group we share and  learn together through engaging resources on the latest leadership trends.

If you want to expand your career network internationally, do request to join our thriving community here


  • Imagine developing the positive intelligence   you need to deal with all the  negative emotions and challenges of life.
  • Imagine rewiring  frustration, and guilt into uplifting emotions such as curiosity, empathy and self-confidence.
  • Experience the most impactful coaching program for building mental fitness. Start  by taking a saboteurs assessment here  and
  • Plan a 30-40′ call coaching with Steliana to find out the availability options for the 6-week  program.

Open Workshops

Mothers as Leaders – community

A powerful global network of working mothers, women and leaders. Its purpose is to bring inspiration and learning across borders and generations during these challenging times. It’s a private LinkedIn group where we share tips, knowledge and we learn together through engaging sessions.


Do you want expand your career network internationally? Do request to join our private LinkedIn group.

Thrive with Positive Intelligence

The most impactful program for building mental fitness and positive intelligence to thrive instead of survive during these challenging times.

  • Imagine developing the positive intelligence   you need to deal with the negative emotions and challenges in your life and career.
  • Imagine rewiring  frustration, and guilt into positive drives such curiosity, empathy and self-confidence.
  • You can start  by finding out your specific inner saboteurs via the free  assessment  here . If after reading your report you are interested to improve your mental fitness, plan a 30-40′ call coaching with Steliana. Limited availability. 


Interactive session for working parents, women and leaders. Participants come out inspired and with an improved confidence about what they can achieve as a person, parent and leader. Through inspirational engagement, guided coaching and self-reflection they  learn how to leverage the parenthood emotional intelligence into their leader role and the business clarity in communication into their family role. Since 2019, it has been delivered across multiple geographies and  employee networks (i.e. Heineken, Shell, Renault, Microsoft, etc.). 

Previous clients

“The training was easy to combine with my full-time job and as a mother of two small lids.Steliana is a good listener and asks the right questions in a very pleasent way. This was I felt comfortable to hyave open and honest conversations with her about my practice. It was a true positive experience. I recommend Steliana as a coach and as a trainer of the Thrive- Positive Intelligence program”

Mascha Bekker, Manager at ING, The Netherlands

Thank you for setting up the stage and bringing us together for the mothers as leaders webinar zoomcall. It was empowering and useful and I am looking forward to the next one. During these days (COVID19) when we are all locked in a limited place, it’s important to find that joy of being together.”

Ioana Prica, Pricing Analyst C.H. Robinson, The Netherlands

“ I have been massively impressed with the energy and professionalism you have onboarded to the HRM role in Wells and you made credible strides into challenges that the teams have been grappling with for more than a year before. Your work in support of the Discipline LT has been
above and beyond”

Joanne Neild, VP HR Talent Shell Projects & Technology

“ Steliana worked with my global leadership team to build a common sense of purpose, raise levels of trust and awareness and improve communication and understanding within the team.
With Steliana’s help we improved team performance across the board.”

James Hall – VP Government Relations at Shell