#Metoo campaign is need it everywhere but in Afghanistan is a human rights issue

As I was reading this shocking article about the rate of sexual abuse in the Afghan I am reminded again how fortunate I feel that my daughter wasn’t born in a country where women can’t feel safe at their workplace.

We are benefiting from the privileges gained for us by the previous generations of women ahead of us and I am reminded every day that we, the western women, have a social duty to fight for the human rights of women from across the world. Current country borders were created by mainly men, after some bloody wars, in an attempt to mark their territory in the same way male lions do it in the savannah.

Women and mothers solidarity should go beyond borders, just like the ‘medicins sans frontier’.

BBC News – The sex scandal at the heart of the Afghan government

A dream comes true…the Mothers as Leaders book

It started as a wild dream five years ago, but it is now a reality.

The book created due to the generosity of many mothers from across the world who shared their life story with me is now available to be ordered via amazon

Thank you to everyone who believed in the power of mothers as leaders and supported me on the way.