motherhuggingearth-1We spent the last two weeks homeworking, homeschooling, feeding our families and meanwhile trying to keep fit with our workouts.  We are almost all turning into the Wonder women, but wait…how sustainable is this situation on long term?
How can we replenish our reservoirs of energy?  Were can we create a place for our own  development and motivation through these tough times? 
We made it through the first two weeks but what if this new situation drags through the entire 2020. The changes happening now will be having lasting impact on the inner family dynamics and the roles we each play in it.We can treat this situation as diligent mum managers, who are trying to work harder and faster every day, or we can step back and look at the challenges as true leaders of our family. A lot to ask from one human being. 
Inspired by the examples of so many people around me who leverage technology for global solidarity, I felt the need to put my professional knowledge and the resources of the Mothers as Leaders practice  in the service of others.  I called Donna de Haan (a fellow mum and an Associate Professor at The Hague University) and we decided that now more than ever, it is the time for mothers to step up.  We decided to  create a LinkedIn Group  and to do a series of  webinars for women to get inspired, learn, laugh and build motivation throughout this difficult corona time. The topics of the first two webinars will be: Families as teams and Empowered Mums.  Donna and will  play the host role and curate the topics but as the community grows we will open invitations for members to present and do peer coaching and mentoring.
Do you want to join us?   Please register on the Linkedin Group: Mothers as Leaders – Learning across borders
Upon registration you will receive more information about the first zoom webinar, Families as Teams is  on Thursday, 2nd April, 20.00 pm CET incl. the dial in details.  We will continue posting our next webinars on the group to avoid communication overload. 
We look forward to meeting you up virtually. Feel free to share it on your social media. 
Thanks,  Steliana & Donna
Steliana van de Rijt-Economu – Leadership Coach & author of the internationally awarded book ‘Mothers as Leaders’
Donna de Haan –  Associate Professor at The Hague University of Applied Sciences,  Adviser on Gender equality for UEFA
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